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Investigating Website

Investigating Website Introduction The advancement of technology has enabled businesses to seek technological solutions to improve operational efficiency. Companies have realized that operating on the frontiers of technology drives success and boosts the quality of service. However, regardless of the many benefits that technology brings, various challenges affect its adoption. Hacking has become a big concern for most organizations. Some of the software solutions used in businesses possess security risks as they are as vulnerable to attacks. Hackers are individuals with advanced skills in information technology and spend most of their time analyzing the vulnerabilities exposed by these solutions to find ways to penetrate the organizational systems. Established companies face the risk of hacking as the primary goal of these individuals is monetary gain by exposing sensitive company information including financial statements and trade secrets. They use sophisticated hacking tools that bypass the security perimeters put in place. Significantly, adhering to the security best practices can go a long way in discouraging hacking. Factors such turning on software updates, using the current versions, using strong antiviruses, and using monitoring tools such as IDS (intrusion detection systems) and IPS (intrusion prevention systems) can help mitigate these risks before they cause harm to the infrastructure in place. Fundamentally, the internet is considered insecure as it is not regulated. As such, users might download malware while visiting unverified sites that might compromise the system. As such, using firewalls and other monitoring tools can block the unwanted packets, thus serving as an additional layer of defense. Choosing the right network devices and software for the IT infrastructure is essential. Apart from improved efficiency, the software from recognized vendors ensures high security as they have enhanced features that block some common security threats. Software vulnerabilities and how to mitigate them Cross-scripting is one of the main attacks that affect systems in the contemporary society. This attack involves initiating malicious payloads into vulnerable web applications and software such as PAN-OS. Essentially, the hacker injects unencoded input into the output the web application generates. Most users usually visit unverified sites in the workplace during their free time to access information about entertainment, shopping experience, and general information about politics. Most of these sites might have malicious scripts injected in the web pages visited by end-user that might download into the computer. In many cases, these untrusted websites pop up with an attractive deadline to lure the end user to click on them. The hacker uses this opportunity to administer browser-side scripts to the targeted and unsuspecting end-user. Since the internet does not have security parameters to filter which content is malicious, the attackers take advantage to initiate attacks of this natur e. There exist two XSS attacks: reflected and stored attacks. For stored attacks, the injected scripts are severe and persistent as they permanently embed in the target end-users computer in the form of logs. When the user revisits the same site, the malicious script is replicated and it is permanently stored in the application database. On the other hand, the reflected attack appear when the injection is manifested in the form of error message when the end user tries accessing the website. Most of the reflected attacks are initiated by clicking web links that appear in emails. For instance, they tend to trick the user that he/she has won a prize and needs to click on the provided link to claim. The user is then prompted further to input personal details such as an email and phone number after which the script will be embedded into the target users email. Consequently, these two types of scripting attacks cause annoyance. They usually hijack the users sessions by redirecting to othe r sites that the customer did not request. This might lead to installing other malware such as Trojan horse and modifying content presented in the existing sites. There have been instances where cross-scripting attacks have resulted in changing the financial information of companies including their stock prices in the market. Other reports indicate that these attacks have compromised healthcare information by modifying prescribed dosage resulting in under-dose, or overdose. On the other hand, Synology and DSM software allow an authenticated-remote user to download any system file. The software does not consider the privileges each user as while accessing files. This possesses as a threat as the attack can use this capability to initiate cross-site scripting. However, ensuring the best practices when using the internet can help mitigate this type of attack. Firstly, users should be discouraged to access any site that is not https (secure). Http websites are untrusted as hackers use such site to initiate attacks. Also, it is advisable to refrain from clicking on any site that pop-up into the browser. Some of these attacks assume the exact links of the original site, and it is difficult sometimes to tell if they are fake. As such, always search the real company information by manually typing their links. Kerberos key distribution center (KDC) affects window server 2012 R2 and other older versions. This vulnerability grants users who sign into an active dir ectory domain system remotely administrative privileges using invalid session signature. By having administrative privileges, the hacker can access any computer belonging to the same domain. Microsoft is working countering this attack in future. On the other hand, versions of windows operating system exhibit a number of vulnerabilities including file sharing permissions, insufficient firewall protection, and lack of malware protection. Essentially, the file sharing capability in Windows 7 and 8.1 grants everyone on the network permission to access files from a file server located in another computer. This is risky as anyone on the network can access such file and inject scripts into the system corrupting all files. Also, the firewall feature present in the OS is inefficient as it cannot block all untrusted applications that masquerade as trusted. Also, it is incapable of filtering packets from the internet and blocking malicious ones. However, installing strong antivirus such as Kaspersky can help block unwanted programs. Also, installing host-based intrusion prevention software monitors malicious packets and blocks them. Hardware vulnerabilities and how to mitigate them Hardware components such as routers, PCs, Switches, Firewall, and servers also present a number of weaknesses. For instance, CAM table attack is common among switches. When the attackers gain unauthorized entry into the local area network, they flood the switch with mac-address until it becomes full; thus can listen to any frame across the network since it now acts as a hub. However, port security can help mitigate this problem by only enabling the switch to learn a specified number of mac addresses. In routers, especially, those that do not have firewall feature enabled. The attack can send requests through SQL injection to the local area network from the internet, accessing personal credentials of the users. As such using network-based honeypots and IPS (Intrusion Prevention systems) can help block such requests from the outside. Concerning the firewall, lack of creating zone to distinguish trusted zone and untrusted zone can pose a threat as anyone can easily infiltrate the system . To mitigate this problem, the administrator can implement the firewall functionality by using ACL command to filter and inspect packets. In summary, the ability to have the right measures in place for combating security vulnerabilities can help the company avoid losses. As such choosing the right software solutions and hardware is fundamental in securing the system from both the internal and external attacks

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Use of Computers Assignment - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1276 Downloads: 9 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Information Systems Essay Type Argumentative essay Did you like this example? Use of Computers Introduction The world today is becoming more involved with the advancement of technology and with new technology comes great new resources to access. Advances in technology in medicine have really made a huge impact on how health care is today. Providing faster data and diagnosis, global communication, and keeping organization with all the records and data stored on the computer. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Use of Computers Assignment" essay for you Create order Education is changing with computers today via internet. Online courses are becoming more available all around the world for student that cant transfer. There are many applications for a student to use such as Microsoft word, PowerPoint, and Excel. The business world has also grown attached to computers cause of how much similar and more effective it is. Smaller business can grow with websites and find clients all around the world to connect to. Paperwork such as calculating pay rolls or keeping things on file are much simpler on computer than it would be having lots of filing cabinets. Health Care The medical field today has become much more efficient and more effective towards finding cures and providing better treatment to patients due to the advancement of technology of computers. The development of new software for the office creates a web of communication among physicians, staff members, health care facilities and associated agencies (Groth-Vasselli). Research is much eas ier than it was in the past and being able to share data from one doctor on one side of the world to another on the other side at the click of a button is one step from finding a new cure or improving medicine. Crunching Data Data is information that can be numbers, strings of characters or images. Computers process data faster than a human can and thatà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s why they can provide very quick results. Computers use CPU (Central Processing Unit) to make all the decisions and data processing. In health care lots of information is being put onto computers everyday about all the patients that come in with updating records or doing check-ups and doctors have to rely on the computer to be quick and responsive when treating a patient so there can be effective health care given. Communication Communication has to be the most important thing between a doctor and their patient. If there is not communication the assessment of a patient is going to be much harder and without being told what the patient feels the doctor can have a hard time to provide a accurate treatment. Computers provide patients and doctors to talk to each other via e-mail. Not only do patients message doctors but also other doctors around the world talk to each other about research being done and progress they could of made. Organization It is very important for medical professionals to have files organized and knowing where they are. Computers make it much easier by reducing filing cabinets and having the records on a hard drive that has much easier searching to find a specific patient. It also makes it easier for the patient to make changes to their file if they are updating their current health status. With organization a patient can have their questions of latest treatments and medications sorted out to be able to ask their doctor. Labeling is very useful to keep things sorted such as medical insurance on one label then having medical history on another so it can be easier and faster to find specific medical record information. Education The education field has grown globally by connecting students world-wide to do sessions in online classrooms and being able to talk to each other half way across the world. Connecting people from different countries and getting them together to do class activities over the computer creates a new social connections between students to learn new cultures and make friends with people. World Wide Education Online courses are being used more and being taken advantage of for a busy student. Time is a major issue cause not everyone is just only going to class some students have to work and take care of other priorities and cant find the time to attend a classroom course. Online classes provide lots of flexibility and can work with almost any schedule. There are other great benefits for taking online classes listed below. 1. Degree courses are offered 2.Not sitting in a classroom 3.Choosing study times 4.B alancing work and class 5.Flexabilty Useful applications A major advantage of using a computer is all the applications that are provided. Microsoft Office has lots of fantastic applications that are very beneficial in almost all documented work. Microsoft Office applications are used every day in all fields of work from creating a report in Word to making a graph in Excel, below is listed of all the programs included with Microsoft Office. Word Excel PowerPoint Outlook OneNote Access Publisher Office Online Office Mobile Business In the business field computer technology is very huge to be able to reach out to clients and communicate with deals and contracts. Business people need to able to have files and contacts available at a moments notice. Computers provide quick organized files for their business. Computers are also used for their marketing to the public by connecting with the businesss website or connecting via social media like Facebook or Twitter. Marketing In order for a business to grow they need to market what they have to offer. Word spreads very fast online and it can get around to people all over the world about a business. Businesss can create their very own website with information about themselves and what they sell or have to offer. They can draw attention to their website by putting ads on other websites to draw them in. Accounting Business companies need to keep track of their accounting to make sure their sales are correct and pay rolls are being given out. There is software for business to help calculate their sales and create graphs of what is selling and what the demand is for their product. They also can use software to create tax reports to have saved on the computer for the IRS to assess the report. Conclusion The world today has many uses for computers and they are used daily in all fields of work. They provide very useful information and data at the times needed. Technology is getting better and better each day with new products and devices to be faster and more reliable for information. In the medical field research is becoming more accurate and effective to patients. With education people around the world are getting connected in online courses that are benefits to their major or interest. Businesses are growing cause advertisement and websites being created to get noticed and become successful businesses. References Groth-Vasselli . Result Filters. National Center for Biotechnology Information. U.S. National Library of Medicine, n.d. Web. . lt;;. Lee, Ellen. 5 Ways Technology Is Transforming Health Care. Forbes. Forbes Magazine, 24 Jan. 2013. Web. . lt;;. Crowder, C.D.. Uses for Computers in Business. Small Business. N.p., n.d. Web. . lt;;. Simon, Janice. Cancer patients: Tips for organizing your medical records Cancerwise | Cancer blog from MD Anderson Cancer Center. Cancer patients: Tips for organizing your medical records Cancerwise | Cancer blog from MD Anderson Cancer Center. N.p., 3 Oct. 2013. Web. . lt;;. Writers, Staff. 10 Advantages to Taking Online Classes N.p., 12 Jan. 2012. Web. . lt; nline-classes/gt;.

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The Haut Glacier D Arolla - 1499 Words

Introduction A model is a representation of reality, designed to generate outputs from inputs in an attempt to understand system behaviour (Jones and Gomez, 2010). Many geographers refer to a model by the classic definition from Kolars and Haggett, 1967: a simplified version of reality, built in order to demonstrate certain of the properties of reality. Models are often known as analogies which is a ‘relationship of similarity between two things, a likeness in some function, effect, or circumstance’ (Andrews, 1987). Analogue models are only one distinguished in physical geography. Conceptual, physical and mathematical models are also used (Jones and Gomez, 2010). Arnold et al., 1998 investigates the behaviour of the Haut Glacier d’Arolla in Valais, Switzerland to predict and explain how glacier drainage systems function. Barron and Washington, 1984, Cox et al., 2000 and Gildor and Tziperman, 2001 all used a form of climate models. Barron and Washington, 1984 aimed to explore past climatic change, by investigating the surface temperature sensitivity by comparing present and cretaceous simulations. Similarly, Gildor and Tziperman, 2001 used a conceptual box model to investigate past climate change, based on oscillations of climate systems. Cox et al., 2000 also used a climate model, however focussed on future climatic change, rather than past. The final paper, by Burt and Butcher, 1986 uses a simple rainfall run-off model to explore the hillslope run-off system. To what

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Effective Management Personal and Professional Skills

Three Personal and Three Professional Skills for Effective Management Effective Management is very crucial in a business, this helps in tackling problems by remaining focused and overcome challenging situations which a company may encounter. This also helps in making the company more efficient. To be an effective manager, one needs to have certain skills, both personal and professional skills. Personal skills The following are personal skills which a good and effective manager should have: †¢ Communication skills †¢ Supportive skills †¢ Enthusiasm Communication skills: It is essential for a manager to have good communication skills, especially with his employees. This is how ideas are conveyed and shared.†¦show more content†¦High motivation helps them to work at their best performance, where better results are achieved. Therefore for optimum results, this is very important for a business. Enthusiasm: A manager is to be enthusiastic. It is known that negativity is contagious; this means that if for example employees are being supervised under a negative manager, they tend to be pessimistic as well. Managers are to bring enthusiasm at workplace with a ‘can-do’ attitude, if there will be no enthusiasm, there will be lack of motivation. Enthusiastic managers are determined, and so they strive to achieve the company’s goals and overcome any obstacles and challenges without giving up. Professional skills: †¢ Leadership skills †¢ Goal setting skills †¢ Problem solving skills Leadership skills: To have a good and effective management, a manager is to be able to motivate staff toward a common goal. A manager / leader is to know and understand the needs and characteristics of him/herself and of each staff member. This will help to show respect to every individual and to deal directly with each person. This creates a good rapport with all employees, which also leads to a higher motivation. Goal setting skills: There is no point of managing a business without having any aims and goals. A manager should set up goals for the employees to follow. Such goals are to be realistic and challenging. A manager strives to make theShow MoreRelatedEssay about Personal Challenges1053 Words   |  5 PagesPersonal and Professional Challenges Nursing 391 August 07, 2012 Personal and Professional Challenges Matrix Worksheet Use the following matrix to describe three personal and three professional challenges. For each challenge, describe time and stress management techniques along with personal development resources that may help a nurse overcome these challenges. |Personal Challenge |Time Management Technique |Stress Management TechniqueRead MoreThe Primary Limitation Of Leadership1586 Words   |  7 Pagessimilar situation as same as trait theory. In Contingency theory, it is essential to match leaders and situations to improve effective leadership such as changing the leader to match the situation, and change the situation to match the leader (Leadership-Central, 2014). Models of leadership help early childhood educator to understand the factors, which highlight effective leadership. A model is a significance framework for categorizing required features or factors. It also oversimplifies a very complexRead MoreAppropriate Methods to Review Current Leadership Requirements in Organization755 Words   |  4 PagesYou are at a top management role of a certain organization. Since Myanmar economic condition is changing rapidly into competitive environment, your Organization needs to upgrade and expand the business. You are required to review your personal and professional skills needed to achieve strategic goals. Task-1 Evaluate your personal1 and professional skills2 required to achieve organizational strategic goal3 of your chosen organization4. Model Answer for Assignment 1 Format : essay Type Read MorePersonal Development Plan Essay840 Words   |  4 PagesPersonal development is the process of maintaining one’s well being in terms of physical, social and psychological aspects. It is the constant process of developing and enhancing personality through learning and socialization processes. Undoubtedly, for personal development, certain skills and knowledge are required to be achieved. Armstrong (2006) rightly says that the personal development plan incorporates a wider set of learning and development activities such as self-managed learning, coachingRead MoreLife Of Human Resources : A Personal Account1344 Words   |  6 PagesHuman Resources: A Personal Account Career preparation and overall position success revolves around knowledge and educational development. Gaining the skills to proficiently perform the duties of any position is of the greatest advantage for staff members and organizational leaders. At the same time, even gaining such knowledge and education is not enough to cultivate sustainable skills and competencies in a manner in which to create a strong career path and achieve personal goals (Cosby, 2014)Read MoreEssay about Early Childhood Education Field1117 Words   |  5 Pagesthe development of effective professional practice among early childhood educators (ECEs) as the predominant approach in securing better outcomes for children. ECEs have thus found themselves under increased pressure to develop professional practices through professional development which has been demonstrated to have a profound impact on children’s holistic development and their performance prospects in society. This essay will focus on th e development of effective professional practice among ECEsRead MoreBusiness Management And Hospitality Industry1370 Words   |  6 Pagesseparate a professional from the rest. The term professional is not only inclusive of the knowledge or the skill level a person possesses but also the attitude, conduct and the environment they create in the workplace. While, most of the employers are looking for professional with knowledge and skill in their field, but they also are also looking for a member who can be an effective team player and possess a good communication skill. Although, these skills were the basis of business management and hospitalityRead MoreBuilding And Developing The Websites1409 Words   |  6 Pageshave a good environment for work whoever he/she hasn’t got authorization as a manager. Some of the team members will be scrum development team which is included the functional team like the testers and developers with their developing and testing skills and abilities. They have to be self organised and collaborative. They could be around five to nine members. One of the team will be the product owner which is the Ironing lady owner in that case. She will be responsible for the vision of the productRead MoreEssay about Blue Print for Personal and Professional Growth792 Words   |  4 PagesBlueprint for Personal and Professional Growth Blueprint for Personal and Professional Growth This course has provided me with a multitude of tools, and it has definitely taught me to put careful thought into every situation as it pertains to change; whether it relates to work, school, or things that are going on in my personal life. These tools are both important and necessary in order to become an effective manager in the future. This course has taught me a lot in terms of initiating andRead MoreLeadership : A Nurse Manager Of The Telemetry Floor At The Hospital1413 Words   |  6 Pages Leadership establishes an environment that foster personal and professional growth. Nursing is a profession that put huge emphasis on leadership skills. Leadership is such an essential part of our health care system, which can greatly impact the quality, accessibility and affordability of health care. Leadership establishes an environment that foster personal and professional growth. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the leadership skills in the nursing field exemplified through Mr. FG, a

A. Lunsfords Book Easy Writer - 1566 Words

In Andrea A. Lunsford s book Easy Writer, she describes how to conduct research and evaluate source material. In addition to informing the reader of the proper ways to incorporate source materials into an article, and concludes with how to write a researched paper. Lunsford begins chapter 37 Conducting Research, with a detailed explanation of how a writer should start to the research process. First, Lunsford informs the reader to analyze the research assignment, research a question to answer, and then to form a hypothesis. Then, Lunsford details how to perform each of these steps, beginning with the questions a writer need to ask themselves vital to the research process. These questions include information on the purpose of the research project, the target audience, and the interests or assumptions of the audience. After that, the author asks the reader to question their own attitude, feelings, and influences on the topic. Some other questions Lunsford advises the reader to answ er before beginning a research project include the amount and types of evidence needed to influence their audience. As well as, questions related to the time and length of the research project. Next, Lunsford explains to the reader how to formulate a question and hypothesis for a research project. This process is begun by finding a topic and, then narrowing it down to an issue from which a question and hypothesis can be generated. Lunsford recommends that writers also plan out their research

Multitasking free essay sample

Day in, Day out we all start our day doing more than one thing at a time. The morning starts with ironing our clothes while we listen to the news, delegating tasks to our family members to get our day going in what we call a productive manner, or better yet, â€Å"killing two birds with one stone. † We are all guilty of some form of multi-tasking. The article written by Alina Tugend gives an outlook on the art of multi-tasking and the effects. Reading the article the author wants us to think about how often we are multi-tasking without being aware of it. She wants us to think about the effects this has on our daily activities. Recognizing that multi-tasking is not doing more than one thing productively, but shifting focus which may not be beneficial to us. How hard it is to return to the task at hand, it delays our attention to detail causing us to be less productive. We will write a custom essay sample on Multitasking or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Multitasking can be a distraction causing injury and harm mentally and physically. The information given in the essay is to be used to identify a problem that we as an audience are unaware of. The article gives information to be considered, with supportive information following. She wants us to use the information to make changes to our daily activities. The intended audience is everyone, anyone guilty of utilizing more than one body function at a time to produce a greater outcome as a result. The author made the assumption that we are all guilty of multi-tasking. That today’s society can only operate while doing several things, that we are all unaware of it as being a problem. Trying to multitask will affect everyone the same. The author has identified various things we do on a daily basis and combined them with what individuals are able to put together, ex: walking and texting. She has drawn her opinion on a large number of people not specific to one race, gender, or age group. Everyone has been included is this unconscious event, what some consider to be a skill mastered. Politics does play a factor in the development of this essay; the author believes that the audience knew how often we were multi-tasking and that we believe it’s not a problem, but that it helps us to be more efficient and productive. The author is guilty in this case of utilizing the multi-tasking trait herself and is able to empathize with the audience. The author presents a stance towards the end of the article that acknowledges her own mishap of checking her email while writing the article. Direct connection to the purpose of the article is identified the writer doesn’t feel it’s beneficial to multitask. The writer has a positive attitude to the topic and supports the fact that multi-tasking can make you lose focus. The stance is openly stated, but as you read through the article from that point on you can hear what the author is saying about their perspective on multi-tasking. In conclusion the article was very informative; it brought to light what we fail to see as a problem. She offers several perspectives from different studies. It does show that multi-tasking will make you lose focus. Interruptions are apart of multitasking, you have to shift you focus from what your doing to what’s trying to get your attention. After several interruptions you lose focus and are unable to get right back on task causing you to be stressed and frustrated, not beneficial factors in multi-tasking. The author has convinced me that multi-tasking is an issue that a lot of us can relate to. It has become a norm to our society and has come to be accepted as part of our daily routine, if you can’t multitask then you may fall behind. In reality multitasking is what’s really causing the delay. It can cause harm to you and your well being, if we just take the time to sit and concentrate on one thing at a time, single-tasking can be beneficial to our health and relationships as well.